Project Management


Cottonwood Custom Builders is in its 17th year of meeting clients' needs and desires and has developed extensive procedures to keep projects running smoothly and to ensure quality control from the foundation to the interior finishes.  These include the following:


1)Accurate specifications and Scope of Work - we help owners verify that their construction drawings include everything they want in their project.

2)Detailed project budget based on competitive bids from qualified subcontractors.  

3)Weekly schedule including major decision dates for the owner and architect to ensure all finishes are ordered on time.

4)Written change orders are completed for any changes to the scope of work before the work is completed. Budget surprises after work is completed are always a problem.

5) Monthly spreadsheet that tracks each budget line item for work billed as of that month and the balance left to complete.  

6)Checklists for each phase of the job to double check that all work is correct prior to moving on to the next phase of the project.

7)Final walk-through with owner and architect to compile the punch list.

8)Additional walk-through with owner and architect at completion of the punch list prior to move in.


Because of our experience and our thorough project management systems and procedures, our jobs run much more smoothly than most other contractors and our projects are completed on time.


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