Fire Resistant Home Building

When the Fourmile Canyon fire swept through Boulder, Cottonwood Custom Builders saw first-hand the destruction and loss.

Prior to re-building four homes that burned to the ground, we attended a number of trainings and workshops on fire resistant home building.  We’ve taken the construction & landscaping techniques we learned and applied them to every home we build in the mountains or foothills since.

Boulder County has led the way in implementing fire-resistant code requirements, which include:

  • A building envelope of non-combustible materials that is impenetrable to ember intrusion.
  • Windows that are heat and fire-resistant and can be covered with exterior shutters.
  • Landscaping that minimizes hazardous and flammable growth near the building.
  • Irrigation systems to dampen area around house during a fire event.
  • Decks and patios that protect the home instead of being the kindling that burns.

Our team has hands-on expertise in fire-resistant home materials and construction practices, which we bring to every mountain and foothills project we do.

A home that Cottonwood Custom Builders re-built using fire resistant home building practices after the Fourmile Canyon Fire in 2010:

We saw first hand the importance of fire resistant home building after the Fourmile Canyon Fire, when we built this home for a family that had lost their home.