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Project Description

Lyons Retirement Retreat

Built in 2003 as a retirement retreat and artist’s studio for renowned architect Evans Woollen, this Lyons home was based on the principles of Passivhaus, a building approach currently receiving attention for creating super efficient homes that need very little energy to heat or cool.  This is done by creating an incredibly tight building envelope with 2-3 times the insulation of a regular home. Passive solar heating and cooling were achieved with 12 x 8 foot custom sliding doors to allow the sun to heat the home in the winter and colder months and roof overhangs to protect from summer overheating. A zero-maintenance exterior of metal and stucco protect the home from the harsh Colorado sun, cold and snow.

Project Details

Year Built: 2003
Architect: Evans Woollen
Green Building Details:

  • Passivhaus envelope
  • 2-3x insulation
  • Passive solar
  • Zero-maintenance exterior